THIS THURSDAY! Come and sing with us!

Hello there,

We have 2 VERY special guest DJ’s this Thursday, at our usual monthly residency, in the beautiful Underbelly we call home!  Come and have a boogie and a sing with us!

*  Will you be our next… Axl, Damon, Tiffany, or Madonna? 

*  Will you be a better lead singer than any of them?  In fact, it’s not about singing capability, it’s about sheer stage presence and confidence.  We all know Madonna lip sychs anyhow!

*  Will you be more of an entertainer than Robbie?

*  Will you and/or your friends show us how it’s done?  If you are coming as a spectator, then we’re sure they won’t let you down!

Sing with you or entertain you on Thursday?  Sign up here for your cheaper guestlist.  Oh yes, it’s SPRING BREAK time!

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Sing with you soon!

The KaraUke Band xxx

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