Next residency gig – Thursday 20th August for MarryUkey!

Hello there KaraUke Chums,

Help us enjoy the wedding season, with some wedding seasonal attire!  You know how we love to dress up?  Well, this will open the floodgates for those of you that wish to join us.  It is not compulsory, but the ladies in the band do love to see a man in a wedding dress, so we hope you feel up for it too!  We already received emails to say that some of you have bought mourning suits, we love that!  We look forward to seeing you all in as outlandish attire as you fancy, or not if you don’t.  Just come and join us for some fun!

You can find the cheaper guestlist on facebook here or email us if you’re not on facebook.

Sing with you soon!

The KaraUke Band xxx