Ukulele Karaoke at Bestival 2012 – Join Us On Stage

Good news folks – we will be at Bestival 2012 providing more Karaoke fun times.

This will be your chance to be the star, get on stage and get the backing of a rocking all-ukulele backing band!

We have the time of 16:30 and you will be able to take part on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget to check times on the most excellent Polka Tent, as they are subject to change. You should also try to turn up early to choose your song and get your name on our list! The Polka tent can be found on the Grassy Hill.


Friday: 4:30 Polka Tent – 5:30
Saturday: 2:30-3:30 – Polka Tent –  Ready for the Essex Lion Bloco @4pm
Sunday: 4:30- 5:30 Polka Tent

If you are going to Bestival and fancy joining us on stag to sing? Head on over to our current songlist and get practising to impress your friends! If you are not going, then go buy a ticket to this amazing festival.

Belladrum 2011
KaraUke at Belladrum Festival in 2011

We look forward to seeing you there, and are especially looking forward to being joined on stage by lots of amazing wild animals. That is the theme this year, right?

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