Taste of London Karaoke Afterparty

If you are going to the Taste of London event that is being held today, then you might fancy a drink afterwards to wash down that amazing food.

You are in luck, as not only do we know just the place, we will also be playing there tonight! Yes, that’s right – you need to join us at the fantastic pub which is the ALBANY!

So, if you fancy some KaraUke on a Friday, come on down. You might have also been at our gig last night and missed out on singing your favourite song. If so, you have a second chance!

This guy is a pro, check out that fist pump
A real pro

The Albany is right next to Regent’s Park.

Sing on stage with a ukulele filled backing band.

Come 30 mins or so before we start, choose a song and get your name on the list! It’s as easy as that.

Running Order
7pm – Doors
8pm Set 1 (45 mins)
9pm – Set 2 (45 mins)

Full Address: 240 Gt Portland Street, London, W1W 5QU