KaraUke Rocked Feb, And We WIll in March too!

AWESOME Gig last night.

Lorraine's Robot Dance Tuition
Lorraine’s Robot Dance Tuition Fails to Take Off

Thankyou all so much for singing, dancing, bringing your friends. A good time was had by all.  Please send us any videos, songs or even vines! We hope you made lots of new friends!

Here are next months gig details – Join the Facebook Event NOW for updates, and as always, invite your mates!

Date: 20th March 2014 – 7pm

Place: Royal George Soho, Charing Cross Road, London

More deets to follow.

It looks like the Crowd Praying for KaraUke to Start
It looks like the Crowd Praying for KaraUke to Start

You can catch us on Twitter, Facebook and add this KaraUke Account as a friend for invites to our gigs!

Vines (for some reason wordpress does not like embedding these)
Tom Hoschke rocking tribute AGAIN. This guys kicks ass, without fail. Can he be matched next month, or will his crown remain atop his head?

Had a crappy valentines? Then this is the song to sing…

Basket Case

Hot and Cold

Bad Moon Rising – Sung By a WereWolf

Valerie Duet



Cheer for me! Please!
Cheer louder for me! Please!