New Songs for March

March has arrived. This means it is time to prepare for this months KaraUke – the best god damn karaoke night in town.

Why stare at a boring monitor all night reading subtitles, when you can be in a real band?

This month we have a few songlist additions:

Like a Virgin – Madonna

We thought we would give this one a go for comedy reasons. This is a must for any KaraUke virgins!

Get Lucky! – Daft Punk

Not sure, that given the high level of drunkeness, anyone has got lucky after a KaraUke gig. Stranger things have happened. We would love to hear of any KaraUke-weddings and other such items.

All Night Long – Lionel Richie

We would love to play All Night Long, but we get kicked out of the Royal George, just like you do (BOOOOOO!). 12 Bar it is!

We do take requests for songs – so contact us on Facebook or twitter with your suggestions!

We may also have more surprises.. watch this space!