Our Final Gig of 2015! Thursday 19th November… Tamesis Dock…

Hello hello,

We are really REALLY looking forward to seeing you at 7pm for dinner or 8pm for singing on Thursday, (please click ‘attending’ in our facebook event here) and especially those of you who are doing Movember, who we’ll be sympathising with (even the ladies in the band) via our costumes and our own mo’s. If you fancy rocking your mo or fancy dress mo, then we’d love to see you.

We’ll be on the Tamesis Dock, Albert Embankment. If you’ve not been before…
i.   yes they do food, and booze.
ii.  yes they do take card payments.
iii. yes, we do provide the words, the music and backing vocals. If you get lost, we’ll help you out, and we also project the words so the whole crowd can sing along. If you want to practice in the mirror, this month’s song bo0k.

We are really excited about this gig. We hope you are too. Spread the love!

KaraUke xxx