Ukulele Karaoke in London – KaraUke in May

Thanks for coming this week – it was great fun as always.

You can now join our latest gig via Facebook here: Mark the date in your calendars!

*Not taken at KaraUke!
*Not taken at KaraUke!

Date: Thursday May 15th 2014 – 7-11pm

Where: Royal George Soho, Charing Cross Road

Tweet us any song requests or write on Facebook and we will take a look.

Karaoke Classics Song list

P.S. We are also playing on Weds 23rd April at the Hackney Attic


New Songs for March

March has arrived. This means it is time to prepare for this months KaraUke – the best god damn karaoke night in town.

Why stare at a boring monitor all night reading subtitles, when you can be in a real band?

This month we have a few songlist additions:

Like a Virgin – Madonna

We thought we would give this one a go for comedy reasons. This is a must for any KaraUke virgins!

Get Lucky! – Daft Punk

Not sure, that given the high level of drunkeness, anyone has got lucky after a KaraUke gig. Stranger things have happened. We would love to hear of any KaraUke-weddings and other such items.

All Night Long – Lionel Richie

We would love to play All Night Long, but we get kicked out of the Royal George, just like you do (BOOOOOO!). 12 Bar it is!

We do take requests for songs – so contact us on Facebook or twitter with your suggestions!

We may also have more surprises.. watch this space!

KaraUke Rocked Feb, And We WIll in March too!

AWESOME Gig last night.

Lorraine's Robot Dance Tuition
Lorraine’s Robot Dance Tuition Fails to Take Off

Thankyou all so much for singing, dancing, bringing your friends. A good time was had by all.  Please send us any videos, songs or even vines! We hope you made lots of new friends!

Here are next months gig details – Join the Facebook Event NOW for updates, and as always, invite your mates!

Date: 20th March 2014 – 7pm

Place: Royal George Soho, Charing Cross Road, London

More deets to follow.

It looks like the Crowd Praying for KaraUke to Start
It looks like the Crowd Praying for KaraUke to Start

You can catch us on Twitter, Facebook and add this KaraUke Account as a friend for invites to our gigs!

Vines (for some reason wordpress does not like embedding these)
Tom Hoschke rocking tribute AGAIN. This guys kicks ass, without fail. Can he be matched next month, or will his crown remain atop his head?

Had a crappy valentines? Then this is the song to sing…

Basket Case

Hot and Cold

Bad Moon Rising – Sung By a WereWolf

Valerie Duet



Cheer for me! Please!
Cheer louder for me! Please!

Adding some sunshine to your January – KaraUke

Back from getting fat at Christmas and New Year we are ready to slim down – with a much shorter songlist!


It is our news years resolution to shake things up in 2014 with new songs, new arrangements and some other things we will keep secret, for now.

Is your resolution to get up and sing a song in front of people?

Is it to get out more and stop being a miserable f***er?

Is it to join your friends on a crazy, random night out at least once a month?

Then we could be right up your alley.

You sing – we play ukulele


What you need to do

1. Join the Facebook event and invite your buddies

2. Turn up – Royal George Soho – Charing Cross Road

3. Buy a drink for dutch courage or s soft drink if you are soft and are doing a dry January

4. Sign up before we start by simply choosing your song.

5. Loosen those vocal chords

6. Wait for your name to be called and sing.

7. Sing along to everybody else

8. Dance

There is also a January sale on Food at the Royal George this month. 2 mains and 2 drinks for £20. Believe us that is good. The Burgers are legendary.

Mammoth Burgers at the George

What better way to blow away those cobwebs and start the new year in style?

5 Karaoke Classics for the Long-Lashed of Soho

This Thursday KaraUke is back as you have NEVER seen us before.

This month for a rather neat Movember tie-in we are holding a Lashes and ‘Taches Karaoke Party.

(TOP TIP! Why not use getting on stage to sing with us as an excuse get more sponsorship for your mo?)

Full details here and on the Facebook event… 

Yesterday we brought you one side of our songlist, featuring selected Moustachioed Songsters, now we bring you…..

5 Songs for the Ladies (or lads) on the Lash

I Want To Break Free – Queen

This outfit is the clear winner. Lashes AND Taches!
This outfit is the clear winner. Lashes AND Taches!

Mamma Mia – ABBA

Farmers from the future!
Farmers from the future!

Lola – The Kinks

She'll meet you in a pub down in old Soho (Royal George)
She’ll meet you in a pub down in old Soho (Royal George)

These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra

Great pair of boots..
Great pair of boots..

We Are Family – Sister Sledge

The Sassiest Sisters that Ever Sassed. Ya got to Sass it!
The Sassiest Sisters that Ever Sassed. Ya got to Sass it!

See you there……with your big hair, elongated lashes, crazy makeup and lip-warmers.

P.S. Other songs will be available too!