Getting Teenage Kicks Right Through the Night

Great gig on Sunday at the Camden Crawl – what an awesome crowd. Also thanks to the Monarch for hosting us.

Check out this great video of Teenage Kicks

Kudos to the Soundguy Ray as this sounds pretty good!

Great quote from S4M
“battered seems to be the right frame of mind for KaraUke. If you’re thinking that sounds like a combination of karaoke and ukulele then you’re right: this is just like karaoke, except instead of a backing track you have a ten-piece ukulele band accompanying you.”

And we were also mentioned on Itchy City’s Guide to the Crawl
“These amazing people provide everything, including lyrics and backing vocalists where needed… ideal. We’ll be the ones singing out of tune to Lady GaGa.”

We currently do not have any Lady GaGa on our song list, but perhaps we may have to shoehorn one in. I am sure that would be a difficult one to get past the songbook police!

Our next gig is next Thursday 17th May at the Royal George
Hope to see you next Thursday at the George!