The Band!


pron: kâr’e-yoo’ke
sounds like


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The KaraUke Band: 

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Ever fancied singing ‘I will survive’ disco style with an entire backing (BIG) band of fine-tuned ukuleles? Here’s your chance… with KaraUke! (Ukulele Karaoke, to the uninitiated)

We provide the words, the music and backing vocals (should you need them).

See our menu; we do everything from Abba to The Zutons. We love it! So will you!!!

If you’d like a chat or a jam, drop us a line –


Please see here for founder details.  The band’s first gig was at the Team Nice & Bring Stuff fancy dress hats & wigs party in November 2007.  Some pretty amazing things have happened since then, just see where we’ve played and the people who have sung with us!  We know, some more pretty amazing things will continue to happen, especially when you sing with us!

Now you’ve met us, you should come and sing with us at the very least!

We look forward to singing with you soon!

KaraUke xxx