Liked KaraUke at Bestival 2013? Attend our gig next week!

We had a great time at Bestival this year, and hope you did too. Thanks to all those who came to watch, and even more respect to those who braved the stage to belt out their favourite cheesy classic.

Here are some choice photos of our singers in action:

Bearded lady performing a dance routine during ‘Creep’
Operatic Creep warbler
They look like pros with those harmonies
This guy has stopped to take a swig from his warm lager
Natty dreads
Moustachioed crowd pleasing mic technique
Swim 2 Bestival!
Hardcore Bestival swimmers rock the stage

If you are in London and fancy more ukulele karaoke, then we WILL be playing a gig next Thursday at the Royal George, as per usual!

This will be a great time to see us, with us being fresh from gigging at the festival and suitably recharged…

Thursday 19th September 2013 – Royal George
133 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0EA
There are no ‘doors’ as such and we recommend getting there at 7. Entry, as always,  is Free.

Join the Event on Facebook! 


HMS Bestival set for Stormy Seas – Time for Oilskins

Looks like HMS bestival is likely to encounter some stormy weather this weekend!

Stormy Bestival
HMS Bestival could be a wet one

Looks like it could make sense to invest in oilskins, staying dry, but also sticking to the very apt ‘nautical’ theme?

Salty Seadog

If you DO need to escape from the wet weather, then join us in the Polka tent for some Karaoke. We cannot promise sea shanties, but if you stick around for the gypsy disco you may get a few to dance to!

Visit the Met Office Bestival page for more information

HMS Bestival Weather
Met Office Prediction for Bestival Weather

KaraUke Run Wild at Bestival 2012

Well we really went WILD at Bestival 2012. We hope you did too!

We had an amazing time meeting new people and generally being part of such a great festival. The weather was not ‘alf bad either.

Here’s a video taken of our last song on the Sunday by Festivals For All.

Here is a review from Yoppul (Isle of Wight dialect meaning ‘incessant gabble’.)

October Gig Details
In London and fancy singing with us? Then come to our next gig!
October 18th – Facebook Event
Royal George
133 Charing Cross Road
7:30-11 pm

See you on stage!

Bestival Bloco – Join the Essex Lions hosted by KaraUke!


Bring your bling, dress to impress, as we want to get you all together to sing variations on ‘Lion Sleeps Tonight’. Be imaginative with your ‘Essex’ and ‘Lion’ themes! Get involved. We need your ROARING vocals! (and ukuleles if you have them)

Not sure how practical the stereotype Mane-extensions, fake claws, high heels, dyed blond tails and tons of bling will be walking around Robin Hill Country Park – but it will certainly be the KING of the blocos!

Essex Lion Carnival

Join Our Facebook Event Here

Meet up before the Bloco Takes Place at 4pm in Carnival Village.
You can also join us for our Gig before the bloco at 2:30pm at the Polka Tent!
If you have a ukulele and want to join in, the song is really easy, with just 3 chords, C, F and G. If you come along to our gig on Friday, we’ll teach you how to play it, so you can join in with us with your ukulele. If you just want to come and sing, that’s what KaraUke is all about, you sing, and we play ukulele!

Get involved. Let’s make it the most awesome bloco ever! It’s going to be insmane!

Essex Lion Bloco

What is a Bloco?

A bloco is simply a group of people who get together to take part in a carnival!
This takes place on Saturday Afternoon

After the Bloco – then come and join us in the Polka tent and sing on stage!

PS If you want to practice with your ukulele beforehand… Here’s how to get ready to bloco with us!
Also we welcome Lion Dancers and Singers too!

1. Practice the song. Here’s some audio to play along to.

2. Please NO paper, NO SONG SHEETS. If you need some ‘calling cards’ or a little visual reminder, might we suggest a post-it or other sticky label on your uke with these 2 reminders.
1 – The chords C/// F/// C/// G///
2 – The verses order 1-Jungle 2-Village 3-Hush.
Simples! 😉

Here’s an idea of how it will sound… but we can make up verses and choruses along the way.. write in if you have any ideas…

More Information on Bestival Blocos here:

Here is a video introduction to Blocos….

An Introduction to Bloco’s from Bestival Vimeo on Vimeo.

Remember – Our gigs are at:
4:30 Friday
2:30 Saturday
4:30 Sunday

All in the Polka tent!

Ukulele Karaoke at Bestival 2012 – Join Us On Stage

Good news folks – we will be at Bestival 2012 providing more Karaoke fun times.

This will be your chance to be the star, get on stage and get the backing of a rocking all-ukulele backing band!

We have the time of 16:30 and you will be able to take part on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget to check times on the most excellent Polka Tent, as they are subject to change. You should also try to turn up early to choose your song and get your name on our list! The Polka tent can be found on the Grassy Hill.


Friday: 4:30 Polka Tent – 5:30
Saturday: 2:30-3:30 – Polka Tent –  Ready for the Essex Lion Bloco @4pm
Sunday: 4:30- 5:30 Polka Tent

If you are going to Bestival and fancy joining us on stag to sing? Head on over to our current songlist and get practising to impress your friends! If you are not going, then go buy a ticket to this amazing festival.

Belladrum 2011
KaraUke at Belladrum Festival in 2011

We look forward to seeing you there, and are especially looking forward to being joined on stage by lots of amazing wild animals. That is the theme this year, right?