Halloween Song Playlist for Karaoke Gig

We are very much looking forward to this week’s Halloween ukulele karaoke gig, which takes place this Thursday 18th at the Royal George pub in Soho, London. More details in a previous post.

Make sure you brush up on our latest song list, with some spooky specials we want you to sing!

halloween karaoke song list
Our song list for halloween karaoke

For some of what we have been up to in the last week then check our rehearsal recordings, which features amazing kazoo playing and a run through of Ghostbusters.

So don’t be afraid, we won’t bite. Well we might, is it a full moon?

Manson knows how to rock the scary-look..
Manson knows how to rock the scary-look..

Halloween Karaoke – It’s a graveyard smash!

Here are a few Vine clips of KaraUke practising before this week’s Halloween gig

We practise Monster Mash!

Katie learns how to play the Kazoo


Join us this Thursday – For more details join the Facebook event here!

KaraUke’s Annual Halloween Fancy Dress Party

Next week then come on down to the Royal George pub in soho for some spooky Karaoke witb your favourite ukulele band.

Facebook Event: KaraUke’s Annual Halloween Fancy Dress Party…

Come ye, come ye! Bring out your dead!  Witch?  Cat?  Walt & Jesse?  Come one, come all and don’t forget your costumes and your best singing voices!

Even if your voice is ‘scary’ this is the time of year to dust of the vocal-cobwebs and scream away. No one will think of it as abnormal, and if you ARE dressed up, then how will the crowd know who you are?

Halloween Karaoke
Freaky Karaoke with KaraUke

Here’s how the gig will go, time-wise:
There’ll be an awesome set from a brilliant Belgian Ukulele Player at 8pm.
9-9.45pm – Set 1
9.45-10pm – break for the band (and gather more singers!)
10-10.45pm – Set 2

Come early if you want to sing with us, and stay late if you want to dance with us! We look forward to seeing you all again!

As always it’s free, but guarantee your entry on Facebook and invite your friends! Please share the event, as Karaoke is all about the singers!

We are looking at some special spooky song choices:
Monster Mash
Time Warp
Bad Moon Rising
Monster (automatic)
I put a spell on you
littleshop of horrors
Ghost Town, specials
Sympathy for the devil

Get any other suggestions over to us ASAP. No promises all of these will be on the list, but we will do our best 🙂

Sing with you soon!