Liked KaraUke at Bestival 2013? Attend our gig next week!

We had a great time at Bestival this year, and hope you did too. Thanks to all those who came to watch, and even more respect to those who braved the stage to belt out their favourite cheesy classic.

Here are some choice photos of our singers in action:

Bearded lady performing a dance routine during ‘Creep’
Operatic Creep warbler
They look like pros with those harmonies
This guy has stopped to take a swig from his warm lager
Natty dreads
Moustachioed crowd pleasing mic technique
Swim 2 Bestival!
Hardcore Bestival swimmers rock the stage

If you are in London and fancy more ukulele karaoke, then we WILL be playing a gig next Thursday at the Royal George, as per usual!

This will be a great time to see us, with us being fresh from gigging at the festival and suitably recharged…

Thursday 19th September 2013 – Royal George
133 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0EA
There are no ‘doors’ as such and we recommend getting there at 7. Entry, as always,  is Free.

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HMS Bestival set for Stormy Seas – Time for Oilskins

Looks like HMS bestival is likely to encounter some stormy weather this weekend!

Stormy Bestival
HMS Bestival could be a wet one

Looks like it could make sense to invest in oilskins, staying dry, but also sticking to the very apt ‘nautical’ theme?

Salty Seadog

If you DO need to escape from the wet weather, then join us in the Polka tent for some Karaoke. We cannot promise sea shanties, but if you stick around for the gypsy disco you may get a few to dance to!

Visit the Met Office Bestival page for more information

HMS Bestival Weather
Met Office Prediction for Bestival Weather