London eye Karaoke Song Menu #WheelofDate

We have produced a lovely song menu for tonight’s rotational karaoke event. Probably the highlight of the London dating scenes’ calendar – the #WheelofDate. Online dating site and Time Out London Got Together to put on an actual wheel of date, where each capsule of the ‘EDF Energy London Eye’ is taken over by a different ‘date’ experience.

So of course, our rag-tag crew of Ukulele players of KaraUke were chosen to take over several capsules. Our aim is to unite singles by forcing them to perform duets of songs under a ‘romance’ or ‘bad romance’ banner. I am sure the shared bonding experience of starting a mass singalong by the rest of the ‘pod can only go on to form the solid base from which to start a modern relationship. You know, a bit like in movies where they get together at the end after a pretty epic, wild ride. I am thinking of ‘speed’ here.

But that is enough waffle. Let the singers see the songs!

London Eye Ukulele  Karaoke Song List
London Eye Song List

KaraUke on the Wheel of Date – London Eye Karaoke for Singles

Single in London? Then you may be interested in this unique and exciting event organised by Time Out London and Doing Something.

London Eye Karaoke

The whole London Eye will be taken over, with each capsule containing a different dating experience for small groups. Afterwards there will be an afterparty in the Old Vic Tunnels for the 500 people taking part.

We will be in a capsule, enabling Londons most fun singletons a chance to partake in some Karaoke with a live Ukulele backing band. We are looking to pair people up with a selection of duets, which could prove to be quite a bonding experience!

So far this is our draft playlist of songs…

Potential Song List

Esp for you
I got you babe
You’re the one that I want
Don’t you want me baby
Time of my life
Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else, But You
Close to you
Tainted Love
I will survive
Fuck You
Fuck her gently

Although there might be a few surprises.

After your ‘Capsule flight Date’ around the London Eye in your Capsule, there will be an after-party in the Old Vic tunnels.

Sign up online now on the Doing Something Website..Price: From £29

Extra information about it on Timeout and on Doing Something’s event page.

Disclaimer: KaraUke does not guarantee romance in any way, but it is a well known fact that amazing singers are so very dreamy!

And do not forget that the week before we have our weekly residency at the Royal George!