5 Karaoke Classics for the Long-Lashed of Soho

This Thursday KaraUke is back as you have NEVER seen us before.

This month for a rather neat Movember tie-in we are holding a Lashes and ‘Taches Karaoke Party.

(TOP TIP! Why not use getting on stage to sing with us as an excuse get more sponsorship for your mo?)

Full details here and on the Facebook event… 

Yesterday we brought you one side of our songlist, featuring selected Moustachioed Songsters, now we bring you…..

5 Songs for the Ladies (or lads) on the Lash

I Want To Break Free – Queen

This outfit is the clear winner. Lashes AND Taches!
This outfit is the clear winner. Lashes AND Taches!

Mamma Mia – ABBA

Farmers from the future!
Farmers from the future!

Lola – The Kinks

She'll meet you in a pub down in old Soho (Royal George)
She’ll meet you in a pub down in old Soho (Royal George)

These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra

Great pair of boots..
Great pair of boots..

We Are Family – Sister Sledge

The Sassiest Sisters that Ever Sassed. Ya got to Sass it!
The Sassiest Sisters that Ever Sassed. Ya got to Sass it!

See you there……with your big hair, elongated lashes, crazy makeup and lip-warmers.

P.S. Other songs will be available too! 

5 Karaoke Classics for Movember to Celebrate the ‘Tache

As you may know, we have a Lashes and Tashes event next Thursday, as detailed in a previous post, and our Facebook event.

But what you really want to know is.. what the hell are the chosen songs?

(TOP TIP! Why not use getting on stage to sing with us as an excuse get more sponsorship for your mo?)

Here are our specials for the Taches to belt out…

Songs for the Moustachioed…
A Gentleman’s Guide…

All Night Long – Lionel Richie

HELLO? It's me Lionel!
HELLO? It’s me Lionel!

Gay Bar – Electric Six

Okay. It is not a Tache, but it's close enough for us!
Okay. It is not a Tache, but it’s close enough for us!

Dont Stop Me Now – Queen

Freddie Rocks the Tache
Freddie Rocks the Tache

Word Up – Cameo

Somebody dress like this, please…

YMCA – Village People

Nuff said.

Catch the blog tomorrow for the LASHES!

Lashes and Tashes – Free Karaoke Party

It’s true.

We love the moustache. We also love the eyelash.

It’s Movember. With a twist

Lionel Richie, Freddie Mercury, Village People?

What do they have in common? Thats right – MOUSTACHE POWER!

Moustache Power!

But, what about the lashes?

Well, we think Gloria Gaynor, Sister Sledge, The Scissor Sisters, all do lash power by the eye-fluttering lorry load.

Times: 8.30 to 9.15 9.30 to 10.15 (DJ afterwards)

Location: Royal George Soho

Date: Thursday 21st November 2013

>>> Facebook Event – Click Here! <<<<

So, get your moustaches & eyelashes on and get on stage with us to knock out a few karaoke classics!

You will be backed by a ukulele band in fancy dress too!


Start Knitting for the KaraUke Christmas Karaoke Party

Tache-Bash Success!
Our Movember party last Thursday was a huge success. Thanks for all those who attended.

On the night we managed to raise £103. 14 to the Movember cause.

If you would still like to donate – then you can do so on my Mo-Page

Movember Karaoke Party
Image courtesy of ‘Mo-verick’


Movember Karaoke Party
Sam & Sam – Finger-staches!

We are now looking forward to our Christmas party!

The Christmas gig will take place on FRIDAY 7th December. Place in your diaries and join our Facebook event now!
The gig will be the usual time – 7:30 at the usual place – The Royal George. Will post more details soon!

We are really looking forward to seeing lots of terrible Christmas jumpers and crazy antlers!

Everyone is selling them this year – including ASOS and TopMan for the guys.

Are there any Christmas Songs you must sing? Then let us know!


Movember Karaoke Singles Party – Bring a Tache and a Single Friend

In honour of Movember, we’re having a bring a single friend ‘tache party! Pool your single friends into our swap-a-rama. Because meeting people is WAY more fun when you’re all wearing a moustache.

Stylish Ukulele Player
Image Courtesy of Ivy Arch

Come, with your real taches, or a fake one. We don’t mind, but if you add a little fancy dress and make sure you’re making the most and you have the best ‘tache. Go biker from the Village People, or a Chappy Snappy Gentleman… or Dali, or whichever your favourite famous ‘tache wearer of choice is. We’ll judge the BEST TACHE competition and honour you with a very special medal and prize!

Moustachio Ukulele
Image courtesy of xylocopa

We’ll have a bucket to raise some cash for Movember, and we look forward to your singing performances too!

Sing with you soon!

KaraUke xxx

PS… timings.

7pm – doors open
9pm – set 1 for 45 mins
10pm – set 2 for 45 mins

If you want to sing with us, make sure you arrive early. The sets get fully booked, and when the slots are gone, they’re gone!

3rd Place in Moustache Championships
Courtesy of Al Wood