London eye Karaoke Song Menu #WheelofDate

We have produced a lovely song menu for tonight’s rotational karaoke event. Probably the highlight of the London dating scenes’ calendar – the #WheelofDate. Online dating site and Time Out London Got Together to put on an actual wheel of date, where each capsule of the ‘EDF Energy London Eye’ is taken over by a different ‘date’ experience.

So of course, our rag-tag crew of Ukulele players of KaraUke were chosen to take over several capsules. Our aim is to unite singles by forcing them to perform duets of songs under a ‘romance’ or ‘bad romance’ banner. I am sure the shared bonding experience of starting a mass singalong by the rest of the ‘pod can only go on to form the solid base from which to start a modern relationship. You know, a bit like in movies where they get together at the end after a pretty epic, wild ride. I am thinking of ‘speed’ here.

But that is enough waffle. Let the singers see the songs!

London Eye Ukulele  Karaoke Song List
London Eye Song List