Top 10 Most Sung Songs at KaraUke

From the million(ish) horribly-scribbled, barely legible, “creatively” spelled (and sometimes duplicated) sheets from each of our gigs, our legendary noodler Stuart has compiled the list.

This is compiled from a list of 207 total plays and 87 different songs (some of which are no longer with us, thankfully), slightly skewed by the presence of Christmas Songs, here are the top 10 most-played KaraUke songs since records began, or at least the records that haven’t been lost.

After much titting about with spreadsheets (and the ensuing swearing), the results are in…
(listed alphabetically where numbers match)

10. Like A Prayer (5)
09. Tainted Love (5)
08. Valerie (5)
07. What’s Up (5)
06. 9 to 5 (6)
05. Fuck Her Gently (6)
04. I Wanna Be Like You (6)
03. These Boots (6)
02. Mr. Brightside (7)

…and roaring out in front (mostly thanks to The Major as far as I could tell. Yes the sheets went back over a year!)

01. Fuck You (9)

So, these are the common crowd pleasers from our karaoke song list – do your worst and by all means try and create new favourites.

Stuart will continue to add songs to his magical spreadsheet. There may even be bar charts.

You have been warned.