3rd Thursday in May = 21st! KaraUke on a (Docked) Boat! (You can leave at any time) Part 2!


After a triumphant and fun return in April, we’ll be playing on the boat (Tamesis Dock, near Lambeth Bridge) again in May!

If you’re on Facebook, please join as attending our event here.

Come, with your friends and get involved!

KaraUke xxx

KaraUke Rockin’ in Red – Sign up for March’s Karaoke Event

We rocked in red last week – thankyou to all who came!

KaraUke - February Karaoke
KaraUke Rockin’ in Red

The money raised on the night has been counted and we have managed to reach the princely sum of £74.86. This will be sent to British Heart Foundation – you can still donate if you like!

It was so busy we might have to increase our playing time or add more gigs! It was good to play some of the new material, as well as some of the classics that are chosen most often.

Karaoke with Ukuleles in London
Packed Out!

If you missed your taste of ukulele karaoke then put our next date into your calendar – Thursday March 21st – see our Facebook event!

Here is a video from the stage during 9-5. Tweet us your videos and images!

We are also playing at the London Eye ‘Wheel of Date’ event this Thursday – so if you are attending that then get practising those songs (like we are!)!

Colin Murray Show!

Hello there!

Come and experience the magic of KaraUke yourselves at our May Cabaret, on 28 May Click here for cheaper guestlist.

We’re feeling proud of ourselves after Thursday night!  A fun night and we’ve now been heard by 1 in 60 UK residents and who knows how many online…. 

You can read about  if you scroll down where it describes 14 May show (until Monday night) and listen yourselves (until Thursday 21) here:  Read –  http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/colinmurray/ 

To save you listening to 2 hours, here’s the times you can hear us

0:10.49:  Intro link with us
0:29.24:  Dizzee Rascal plays ‘name that uke’
0:52: Lorraine interview
1:00:  Colin link, funny shout out U’s to the K’s to the E’s, greatest instrument 
1:02:  Kissy sell out link, then he sang Back For Good with us
1:14.30: Ace uke links, Colin with Tom Jones, Ukulele Orchestra etc
1:22:  KaraUke mention with band name checks
1:29.30:  Link to ‘uke on, uke off’ Biffy Clyro feat us
1:38.35:  Link mentioning our residency night
1:50.14:  Link with finale, Colin singing ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’

Listen – http://bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b00kbhbb

Please comment your thoughts, we love your feedback!

Sing with you soon!

The KaraUke Band xxx